Production of Rols Machineonderdelen

We manufacturing parts and complete assemblies in series from 100 to 50.000 pieces. With our state-of-art equipment, skilled and motivated employees we make the best quality against the best price.


We have a wide variety of CNC machining equipment from "high end" to more "low cost" machines. We can machine a wide range of materials from Ferro and non Ferro metals to technical plastics. Depending on the complexity of your part, required quantities, lead times and flexibility we choose the optimum level of automation. Whenever possible we use feeder systems and robots or our operators run more machines at the same time. To be and to stay competitive we continuously evaluate if we make your parts on the right machine with the right level of automation. We have more than 40 CNC machines:

  • Milling vertical, horizontal and 5 axis
  • Turning including sub-spindle, y-axis and driven tools
  • Swiss type turning

Sheet metal work

We have all the equipment and skilled employees to manufacture a wide range of sheet metal parts. With our presses, rollers, water-jet machine and press brakes we can trim, form and bend all kinds of parts mainly used in your complete assemblies.

Welding & Soldering

in a wide range of materials including stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. Further we have a 6 and 8-axis welding robot including pallet changer system.

Assembly & Testing

All the machined, sheet metal, welded and/or purchased parts come together in our assembly department where your complete module will be assembled and eventually tested.


Nowadays strongly fluctuating markets requires maximum flexibility from the whole supply chain with a minimum business risk. By optimizing processes and the use of several logistic concepts we can offer our customers the required flexibility. For several of our customers we work with a rolling forecast model. Via our customer' s internet portal our account manager daily checks the actual stock levels, expected usage and make sure that we supply the optimum quantities direct to your assembly lines.


Quality has the highest priority and therefore we are also ISO 9001:2008 certified. To assure that we control our processes and supply the right quality, we have a wide range of tools and equipment in-house including an 3D Zeiss measuring machine.