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Lacom Machinefabriek B.V.

Our Profession, your peace of mind

Lacom Machinefabriek BV is a metal specialist in the broadest sense of the word. We supply mechanical products and parts for larger constructions. We are often required to supply part products, but with the same confidence we sign up complete projects: including construction, machining and assembly. We serve, amongst others, the hydraulic industry, offshore, road transport and machine construction.


Our broad range is our strength. Without making concessions to the desired quality of the specific processes we supply total products, made completely by us. Thanks to an ingenious stock management system we provide our customers with peace of mind. Products can be supplied quickly on demand. And if customers want made-to-measure solutions, we are just as happy to supply them, even if made-to-measure investment is required to do so. Because we realise only too well that our professional expertise only has real effect when we can offer our customers complete satisfaction.


Lacom Machinefabriek BV is part of Anvil Industries BV